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Adres:Nummer 23 , Beschavingstraat, bus 202
Plaats:2020 Antwerpen
Omschrijving jobaanvraag:
I am a qualified architect and an interior designer with over 3 years of professional practice. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from India, I furthered my skills and obtained a postgraduate degree in Interior design from Italy. Over the years I have taken on several exciting projects and completed them successfully with highly positive feedback from the clients. Most of my projects have been entirely handled by me, bringing forth my creative, technical skills and utilizing my communication skills as I coordinated several different teams and often multitasking to complete the projects within the client required timescales. I have worked with international clients and have completed turn-key projects in Bulgaria, Tunisia and India. My responsibilities included liaising with clients, working on residential and commercial projects ,interior design, working on all aspects of a project from conceptualization to the successful handing over of projects. I have worked on several commercial and residential buildings. In the handful of projects that i've completed, i have tried to be brave, bold, young and most of all, HONEST - to the brief and my clients.I'm a good team player, quick learner and have a good command in - Autocad, Sketchup, Adobe suite and Lumion. I am fluent in English, am very dependable and responsible. I am completing A1 level Dutch and wish to continue to learn the language . I have recently shifted to Antwerp and am currently looking for exciting opportunities to work with good practices to help widen my horizon and develop experience. I strongly believe that I have the passion, penchant and adequate skills required to fulfill the requirements of the role .I am confident in my ability to add value to your team with my experience and my drive for excellence. I thank you for considering my application
Wenst te werken in: Antwerpen
Softwarekennis: Autodesk Autocad, Google SketchUp, Lumion , Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and beginner in Revit Arch.
Ervaring: 3 years
Talenkennis: Advanced English, Hindi, Level 1 Dutch,

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