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[Stageplaatsaanvraag - Datum: 08-10-2020]
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Achternaam:Ashok Kumar
Voornaam:Deepak Jain
Adres:162 Adolf Baeyenstraat
Plaats:9040 Gent
Omschrijving stageplaatsaanvraag:

I was born in a small town called Arakkonam and later moved to Chennai(India). I have spent most part of my childhood nurturing a fascination for railway tracks and networks, going on field trips to a nearby locomotive shed. This kindled a great interest in me, making hand-made models and about the essence of spatial design. Later, this sense of creative independence instilled a fire in me to pursue my passion in architecture and paved way for being the first graduate in my family.

I have great affinity towards learning about other creative fields. I actively take initiatives to get acquainted with topics outside my academia or professional stream. I believe that having multi-faceted interests helps me to be more creative. After graduation, i co-founded a small studio along with my friends to help us engage working with different materials. I delved into product designing using building materials such as concrete, reclaimed wood and steel and also sought ways to recycle daily waste into usable products. By self-advocating environmental awareness in the process, this helped me develop a conscientious approach to design, no matter the scale. After getting into the professional work atmosphere, i continued to be active outside as a part of a forum that organized various lectures, talks and workshops in my city.

My journey from architecture school to professional work, though with subtle contrasting qualities, has been guided by my passion for environmental sensitivity. This evolving ambition of mine has been fostered so far with the help of my professors and the many seasoned professionals I’ve had the chance to learn from. After my Under-graduation i started working at KSM in 2015. The core design philosophy at KSM is evolved from integrating climatic design strategies for every site in context and arriving at a sustainable design option. At KSM i got the opportunity to be a part of KSM’s own office space, a religious memorial, a villa and an international school. Where KSM Studio was also recognized at WAF 2017 - BerIin. During my 2.5years of my work experience i was involved in interacting with clients during the design process, preparation of detail construction drawings and also execution of projects.

In 2018 i decided to Study at KU Leuven University and now i have graduated with Magna-Cum laude (June 2020). The Master programme at KU Leuven gave me opportunities to capture things happening globally, from visiting Morocco and designing a Bio-Climatic School Under BC Architects (Brussels), Development Programme in Bolivia (Analyzing the Urban fabrics in Santa Cruz de le Sierra), Summer school in Samaipata,Bolivia (Rediscovering the Landscape of Samaipata) and Erasmus Exchange at Portugal.

The experience so far has helped me broaden my horizons and develop an open mind, question/analyse various spaces and techniques of construction, while being consistent with reality. To me, the path to excellence is synonymous with diversity in mind yet being rooted to my core principle. This is not limited only to architecture/design, but in the way of life. I’m a strategic thinker, an innovator with a creative flair, constantly striving to deliver quality work. Being from a developing nation such as India, I believe i have the responsibility to be a part of a situation that requires more architects and designers to have the capabilities for creating a sustainable and self-supported urbanscape providing basic infrastructure.

Thank you for considering my application.

Wenst te werken in: West-Vlaanderen , Oost-Vlaanderen , Antwerpen , Limburg , Vlaams-Brabant , Waals-Brabant , Henegouwen , Namen , Luxemburg , Luik , Buitenland
Softwarekennis: Revit / Sketchup / Office / V-Ray / Autocad / Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign
Ervaring: Architect 2.5yrs at KSM Architecture
Talenkennis: English / Hindi / Tamil / Spanish(Basic)

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