[Stageplaatsaanvraag - Datum: 24-06-2020]
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Achternaam:Al Assad
Adres:Colaertplein 27/2A
Plaats:8900 Ieper
Omschrijving stageplaatsaanvraag:

I am extremely interested in doing a traineeship in an architectural firm.
In 2010, I got diploma in Civil Engineering and Architecture in 2015. Both studies I did in my home country, Syria.
Before coming to Belgium, I worked in many large institutions and gained deep experience in everything related to project management and construction in Syria, and I am registered with the Syrian Engineers Association.
I started working in Belgium since 2017 as an architect with several companies after obtaining a similar modification in architecture. I registered with the Belgium Architect Association in April 2018 and got a training opportunity
I currently follow French and Dutch language courses besides working.
In each of the centers where I worked before, I performed my duties with the highest degree of skill and professionalism. My current goal is t o have a job that takes full advantage of my skills and provides me with an opportunity for professional growth.
I believe in excellence and I have always devoted myself to this goal.
I am an organized person, cautious, I can do my job efficiently under any pressure, and I am good at interacting with people of different cultures and enjoying independence.
Today I see that life for me was a process of great development. As a new phase of my life begins, I think having an opportunity to work or train with you will provide a milestone in my career as well as invaluable experiences that will allow me to become a successful, innovative and successful professional in achieving my goals.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward for the opportunity.
I can send you my CV and my Portfolio.

Wenst te werken in: Buitenland , Luxemburg , Namen , Henegouwen , Waals-Brabant , Vlaams-Brabant , Limburg , Antwerpen , Oost-Vlaanderen , West-Vlaanderen
Softwarekennis: Autocad-3Dmax-sketchup-microstion-Revit-Archicad-Vray-Corona-lumion
Ervaring: Licence Architect in Syria - Freelance architect
Talenkennis: Engels - learning dutch - Arabic

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