[Stageplaatsaanvraag - Datum: 03-06-2020]
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Adres:Baliestraat 56, Box 101
Plaats:9000 Gent
Omschrijving stageplaatsaanvraag:

As a young and motivated Architect, I am extremely interested in doing a traineeship in an architectural firm. 

While completing my master’s degree at KU Leuven University, Gent, Belgium, it has given me the range of creative and technical skills that will meet the needs of this role. It has given me to use my knowledge and expertise in a different world by giving me learning opportunities.

In addition to completing my master’s degree, I have worked as a freelance as a principal architect for house construction in Gurugram, India. My responsibility in this role included providing conceptualized solutions to fundamental queries with effective communication with the vendors, the client, and the contractor. This position has given me key management skills while allowing me to experience working in a professional and fast-paced environment.

I worked as an Architectural Intern at Spaces Design Studio, Gurugram, Haryana, and Axiom India, Saket, New Delhi, India for 6 months. My tasks in this title role encompassed preparing to comprehend design proposals, monitoring the design process, discussing design standards and procedures with the engineering team, and drafting detailed drawings. This role has offered me good organization skills with a narrative description of knowledge.

Regarding my competencies to meet the specific requirements of this job:
· Interpersonal Skills: Leadership, Detail-oriented, Critical thinking, Teamwork, Prioritizing and Project management
· Strategic decision-making ability in managing workload and meeting deadlines.
· Communication skills- Highly developed verbal and written communication skills.
· Technical skills - Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, Photoshop, Google sketch-up, Climate Consultant, Microsoft suite.
·Teamwork and time management- Work effectively in a team, both as a leader and as a team member, proven successful group assignments at college.
·Creative and artistic
·Research Abilities
I feel strongly that it is my passion to leverage both my interpersonal and technical skills to make a difference that will make an asset to the organisation. I believe that my motivation, commitment, and pre-existing skills will allow me to fit into the work environment and immediately start supporting the needs of your organization.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward for the opportunity.

Wenst te werken in: West-Vlaanderen , Oost-Vlaanderen , Antwerpen , Limburg , Vlaams-Brabant , Waals-Brabant , Henegouwen , Namen , Luxemburg , Luik , Buitenland
Softwarekennis: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Autocad, Revit, Sketchup with vray and lumion Climate Consultant
Ervaring: Licence Architect in India, Freelance architect
Talenkennis: English and learning dutch

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